A JUMBO SIZE Thank you to Jumbo Nation!

Posted by East Coast Jumbos on Apr 18 2021 at 07:04PM PDT

No Jumbos season would be complete without Coach Ray knocking it out of the park with a talk about team work…

Today he cited a recent NHL game where Sidney Crosby broke his stick. He didn’t break stride as he skated past his team bench. As he passed by, the equipment guy handed him a stick on the fly and then Crosby gets a hold of the puck and SCORES! After scoring that goal the ENTIRE TEAM celebrated the ever so important EQUIPMENT GUY and his integral part in making that goal happen!

“It’s not the goal you score, it’s who helped you get there, that makes the difference… from the equipment guy, to the parents that help out off the ice, that bring you to practices and games, to the coaches and other volunteers that spend their Sunday mornings here on the ice and all hop in to help make it all happen… It takes EVERYONE being part of the TEAM to make the great things that we do here happen!

A JUMBO SIZED Thank you to EVERYONE who chipped in along the way to help make this season, no matter how challenging and out of the ordinary it was, a great one!

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